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At Kosher Sustenance, we celebrate the authentic methods and flavors of the Mediterranean kitchen. Our multi-course menus, also known as Mezze-style dining, feature the finest ingredients Mediterranean cuisine has to offer. We take great pride in our attention to detail and the spirit of hospitality runs through our veins. Our services include private and corporate catering, in-home personal chef services, and event planning. 

Meet the Event Planner

Rachell Bitton is the founder and co-owner of Kosher Sustenance in Silver Spring, MD. Trained at the feet of her Moroccan Israeli grandmother, Rachell has run a boutique catering and event planning business in the DMV area for a dozen years. Specializing in fine Mediterranean cuisine, she is renowned for her use of fresh vegetables, exotic spices, and creative presentations.

Meet the Butcher:

Doron Azrad

The quality of our ingredients is what sets us apart and our in-house butcher delivers the best of kosher meat. With over 30 years of experience, Doron Azrad brings expertise and passion to the butcher block.  He's worked first hand with four national kosher supervisions and also learned the art of 'nikkur' (deveining the hind quarter).  Cutting meat for both our private chef services & our weekly takeout menu: Doron Azrad, Co-Owner

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